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Romeu E Julieta
(William Shakespeare)

The plot is transferred in Verona, Italy, porvolta of year 1500 and deals with the loves a couple of Romeu young eJulieta, that although to be proceeding from rival families, they seapaixonam one for the other. In this history the fights of sword, the disguise, the mistakes, the tragedy, the mood and the language of the passion symbolize, in its set, the true love. Two powerful families (osMontagues and the Capulet are enemy have many years. The old Capulet, father of Julieta, give a great party for which amigosda invites all family. As it is evident, the family of the Montagues is not dalista part of the guests. However, as Romeu Montagues walks interessadoem Rosaline, a young that was invited for the party and arranges umplano to be able to see it during this party. , Romeu thus entradisfarçado in the house of the enemies of its family. Already there inside, the suaatenção goes for Julieta, and Rosaline does not stop. It is gotten passionate of imediatoe is very disillusioned when it knows that Julieta is a Capulet. Romeutambém does not pass unobserved the Julieta, but it does not know that it is umMontagues. Later, after discovering that the young for who estáapaixonada is the son of the enemy family, Julieta goes for varanda econta to the stars that a forbidden love has. Romeu, hidden nunsarbustos under varanda, hears the confessions of Julieta and nãoresiste. It is presented Julieta and says to it that also it is apaixonadopor. With the aid of a friend of Romeu - Frei Lawrence, Romeu eJulieta is married private in the following day. In the doisamigos day of the marriage of Romeu, Benvolio and Mercutio, take a walk for the streets of Verona are eencontram with Tybalt, cousin of Julieta. Tybolt, that hears to say queRomeu had been present in the house of its uncles, walks to the search destepara if to avenge and argues with the friends of Romeu. However Romeuaparece and makes to perceive that it is not wanted to put in fight. However, the seusamigos do not perceive the attitude of Romeu and Mercuito decides to defend ahonra of the friend, and starts a duel with Tybalt. Mercuito falls for land, dead. Romeu avenges its friend killing Tybalt with a sword blow. This blow makes with that Romeu still more is hated by the Capulets. Opríncipe de Verona banishes Romeu from the city, that if it sees forced deixarJulieta, that it suffers immense with all this history. The father of Julieta, quenão wise person of its marriage with Romeu, decides to marry it with a jovemchamado Paris. Despaired, Julieta asks for to aid the Frei Laurence, who aaconselha to agree to the marriage. It says to it that in the morning docasamento Julieta it will have to drink a potion that it goes to it to prepare. Apoção will make that Julieta seems deceased and it will be taken for jazigode family of the Capulet. Then the Frei will order Romeu to have with it to asalvar. Julieta makes everything what the Frei orders it to make and is left nojazigo, as was foreseen. Before the Frei can speak comRomeu, this hears the notice of the death of Julieta. I insult of pain, Romeucompra a bottle of poison and goes until the o grave where if it finds Julietapara to die to the side of loved its. To the door of the grave it finds Paris and éforçado to fight with it, finishing for killing, therefore nothing it deterde will be able if to join the Julieta. Already inside of the grave, Romeu drinks the poison emorre to the side of loved its. Moments later, Julieta wakes up and sees the seulado one, the body dead of its husband. The Frei enters and counts to the Julieta quese passed. Unexpectedly, Julieta catches in the punhal of Romeu and commits suicide, therefore already it does not have reasons to live. The tragedy has a great impact emambas the families the Montagues and the Capulet. The two hurt families estãotão with the death of its two only descendants, who decidemnunca more to fight and make the pazes.

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